Dew,Poison,Smoke,Swift,Ember,Fire,Icy,Leafy,Evening,Moon,Ivy,Stormy,Wisteria,Fern,Thistle,Thorn,Rose,Cedar WIP

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Dew,Poison,Smoke,Swift,Ember,Fire,Icy,Leafy,Evening,Moon,Ivy,Stormy,Wisteria,Fern,Thistle,Thorn,Rose,Cedar WIP

Post by Dewberries on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:04 pm

Name: Dewstar, Poisonstar, Smokestar, Swiftstream, Emberecho,Fireblaze, Icypaw, Leafypaw, Eveninglight, Moonsong, Ivyclaw, Stormy, Wisteriasky, Ferncloud, Thistleclaw, Thornkit, Rosekit, Cedarheart
Gender: Female, Male, Male, Male, Male, Male, Female, Female, Female, Male, Female, Female, Female, Female, Female, Male, Male, Female
Rank: Leader, Leader, Leader, Deputy, Meddie, EW, App, App, YW, SW, Warrior, Unkown,Queen, Deputy Queen, EW, Kit, Kit, Meddie
Clan: Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan Skyclan, Skyclan, Windclan, Riverclan, Skyclan, Thunderclan, Wildclan, Thunderclan, Rouge, Wildclan, Wildclan, Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Wildclan, Windclan
Dew: Dewberry is what you call a softie. She's caring, kind, and easily impressed, being born a kittypet. She recruits many cats from all over the forest. But the cats who know her, never see her as a softie. When it comes to survival, she is very strict and can't let anything go to waste.
Poison: Mess with this guy? HA! Foolish one, all bow down to him. Poison got his name for his awful personality. He is rude, daring, and Violent.
Smoke: AHA! Allmighty Smokestar. Brave and Smart, Kind but Strict. Smoke works for this. Nothing could be better, being quick and Friendly is cool too! Unforntunatly he's very selfish.
Swift: Shy, Smart, Quick & Agile. Your perfect deputy. Or is he really? Cold-Blooded, Fearful, Protective Swift is lost in a fury of light and dark.
Ember: Shy, Secretive, Kind, Scared Ember, One second he's good and the next he is scared out of trusting Starclan. He is trapped between his rouge blood and his clan regularitities.
+ P list
Dew: Caring, Kind, Strict, Frugal
Posion: Powerful
Smoke: Brave, Smart, Kind, Friendly
Swift: Smart, Quick, Agile
Ember: Kind
- P list
Dew: Easily Impressed
Poison: Rude, Violent
Smoke: Strict, Selfish
Swift: Cold-Blooded, Fearful
Ember: Secretive, Shy, Scared
= P list
Poison: Daring
Smoke: Quick, High-Aceiver
Swift: Protective
*Health: (CEDAR) Lung Cancer! (THORN) Brain Damage (SWIFT) 'Broken Mind'


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